Type: Climate & Energy

Investor: Taavet Hinrikus


What is the mission?

Arbonics was founded to help landowners become a powerful ally in combating climate change – by storing millions of tons of CO2 in forests and protecting biodiversity. But to make this happen, landowners need someone in their corner. With the help of Arbonics’ flexible data models and deep understanding of voluntary carbon markets, we help landowners realise the positive climate impact of their land, and build the new forest economy.

Who are the founders?

Kristjan Lepik has been building tech companies for a while, most recently at Teleport (acq by Topia) building tech solutions that help people with relocation. Being an active speaker on future trends, he became intrigued about how we could manage forests differently if landowners could get paid not only for timber, but also for the value the forests provide for the planet. Hence the practical dream of the New Forest Economy.

Lisett Luik has run ops for a D2C company backed by Index Ventures, helped American Express acquire startups as part of the strategy team, and invested in tech companies with Plural’s Taavet Hinrikus and Sten Tamkivi. With a background in economics and a business degree from Yale, she is most excited about the opportunity to help carbon markets become more transparent and fair for all.

Why did Taavet get involved?

I’ve been digging deep into climate over the last few years. As with many others, the current course of the planet worries me. But I am an engineer at heart so on the other hand, I’m curious about how we can use technologies to improve this mess.

It is impressive to see how many new companies are being created in the climate tech space. In many ways this is still a Wild West – it’s early and the visibility is not great. But as an investor, it feels like the right time to roll up my sleeves and get involved.

Arbonics grew out of conversations we had with Kristjan and Lisett over many months – about how we can value nature better and enable it to help combat climate change. I’m excited to have been a part of the journey since Day 0, and to continue supporting the team.

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