Scar tissue

Creative writing, designing electronic circuits, or working with metal are regarded as crafts. At Plural we believe the same is true of founding tech companies, the most rapidly scalable way to change entire industries humans have invented. When you learn a craft, you want to be supported by people who are just as obsessed with that process as you are. A founder can learn how to navigate the idea maze, negotiate a transformational deal or recruit the right early team faster alongside a founder who has done that themselves. If your dream is to compete in the Olympics, you’d be better off with a sparring partner who spent 10,000 hours sweating in the gym, not a spectator from the stands.

Access to Unemployables

Europe lacks founders-turned-investors. In Silicon Valley more than half the investors at top venture firms have built a company themselves. In Europe this figure is a pathetic 8%. Plural is a platform for serious founders and operators who are looking for meaningful missions to put their experience and energy behind. We believe support from this group is what the next generation of European founders deserves.

Terms of excitement

The most important term we can offer is the resonance one of our unemployables has with your mission. Our unique structure is optimised to enable that: so founders can back founders and spend deep time working together as peers. This way, your most helpful angel can now lead your Seed or Series A. We keep the term sheets clean, or help you untangle historic cap table messes – just like we hoped to be treated when we raised for our own companies.

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