Type: AI

Investor: Ian Hogarth


What is the mission?

Conjecture is a startup dedicated to applied and scalable AI Alignment research. If humanity creates a machine that is more intelligent than us – Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – there is a real risk that it is not aligned with our preferences as humans. AI Alignment is the attempt to embed human preferences into a generally intelligent agent.

Who are the founders?

Connor Leahy, CEO, previously co-founded open-source non-profit lab EleutherAI. Gabriel Alfour and Sidney Black, COO and CTO respectively, are leading researchers in large language model (LLM) safety.

Why did Ian get involved?

AI alignment remains a major unsolved challenge. It requires major technical and scientific breakthroughs and will potentially be a major enabler of progress across the field. All else being equal, we would prefer to use safer and more aligned models so alignment will likely become a key feature of advanced AI systems.

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