Type: Fintech

Investor: Taavet Hinrikus

Website: feather-insurance.com

What is the mission?

Feather is building insurance products that just work. Honest, simple insurance as they say themselves. Insurance plans are complicated, but they don’t have to be. Feather has built their products and their own recommendation tool to let you know which insurances you need and which ones simply don’t make sense.

Who are the founders?

Vincent Audoire joined N26 as one of the first iOS Engineers – at this time the whole company would still fit in one room. He built the early version of the app and recruited a high performing team leading to what N26 is today. Before that he worked in various startups between Paris and Berlin. He also founded another company and has an engineering degree in scientific computation.
Rob Schumacher holds a PhD from the department of actuarial science – the mathematics behind insurance – from Bayes Business school. Before Feather, he consulted several leading European insurers on transforming their core IT with McKinsey to (try to) enable a better digital experience. And like Vincent he also tried starting a company before.

Why did Taavet get involved? 

I like re-inventing industries and I’m attracted to people who want to do that. First I was part of building Skype from the idea on the back of the napkin to hundreds of millions of users. Then built Wise from two founders (without a dog) to thousands of employees and a profitable business. You need a product that is 10x better to do that successfully. Insurance is one of the remaining financial industries where this change is still not complete. Rob and Vincent have been building Feather in a great way – they bootstrapped at first and only when they realised that they have a working model they decided to start scaling it. I’m excited to see how far they can take this and support them on the way!

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