Type: Climate & Energy

Investor: Taavet Hinrikus


What is the mission?

Field is accelerating the build-out of renewable energy infrastructure by developing, building, and optimising the grid-scale energy infrastructure needed to tackle these challenges. Starting with battery storage sites – these are big batteries with a big job. They allow us to store huge amounts of renewable energy for when it’s needed, creating a more reliable, flexible and greener grid. First 20MW site is live in the UK as of 2022.

Who is the founder?

Amit Gudka spent 8 years trading electricity and gas at Barclays which is where he started to appreciate the basics of energy supply and demand. Next he co-founded a green energy supplier making it easy for people to get green energy in their homes. The only logical step after this was to go into increasing the supply of green energy which is what Field does. And this led Amit to the realisation about his mission to make the transition to renewable energy happen.

Why did Taavet get involved?

To reach net zero, we need the biggest global transition of energy infrastructure ever seen, in the shortest amount of time. That’s a huge challenge and huge potential for impact. Besides building and operating assets, Field is also creating their own technology platform which allows them to be more flexible and make the most use of the assets. Working with Amit and Field we can accelerate the transition process and that what motivates me.

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