Type: Climate & Energy

Investor: Khaled Helioui


What is the mission?

Isometric’s independent platform uses scientifically rigorous measurement and verification technology to confirm when carbon removal takes place. The world needs to remove an average of 10 gigatonnes of CO2 a year from the atmosphere by 2050 to reach global net zero goals but it can be extremely difficult to verify how much carbon removal has taken place. Isometric helps the world’s biggest companies transition away from buying worthless carbon offsets and towards  building the trust required to purchase carbon removal in order to drive meaningful corporate climate action. 

Who is the founder?

Isometric founder and CEO Eamon Jubbawy has spent over a decade building one of the most respected verification companies in the world with Onfido (digital ID verification). Having sold the business for $650 million, he is using his expertise to verify carbon removal.

Why did Khaled get involved?

Tackling systemic risks has always been one of my core areas of focus (alongside reducing opportunity gap) and I started investing in startups tackling climate change back in 2016 (backing Pachama and NextProtein). I’ve always been struck by the lack of transparency & ability to genuinely verify offsets and saw first hand how it has been one of the main friction points preventing us from properly scaling our investments to avoid the looming climate disaster. Eamon is one of the most impressive founders I have backed & his growth as a founder and builder went beyond all my expectations. Seeing him shift his focus and drive to tackle one of the most important missions of our generation, leveraging his learnings at Onfido to structure rigorous measurement and verification processes in the nascent CDR space, there was no question for me but to back him and support him in making his vision happen.

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