Type: Web3

Investor: Sten Tamkivi

Website: koos.io

What is the mission?

Koos builds a proper way to say thank you to your supporters: a blockchain based platform to take record of your community and your future promise to them, and eventually distribute tokens with your gratitude to your supporters.

Koos mints and custodies tokens, handles smart contracts with recipients, provides full legal, tax and accounting support, handles customer support and KYC, orchestrates buy-back and burns and takes care of privacy on the blockchains.

Who are the founders?

Taavi Kotka is one of the most high profile people in Estonian tech and a unique global figure in e-governance. As the first CIO of Estonia he created the e-Residency program, data embassies concept and other governance innovations most of the countries are still catching up to. Most recently he has been a personal advisor to Mukesh Ambani to up the Indian digital governance game on Jio’s mobile networks. Coder and software architect by background, he has shipped software products at scale himself, and has hired hundreds of people into his teams. He also has founded and runs Unicorn Squad, a non-profit distributed technology program for a few thousand Estonian girls a year to get into tech. 

Why did Sten get involved?

We have been discussing the long term perspective of Plural platform involving into a DAO over time: once we have dozens of unemployables investing in the best companies in Europe and invested a financially well performing series of vintages, it would only make sense to take this further and make sure the founders in our network, occasional operators-advisors we bring in, and the widers startup community can partake in this success.

We are not building Plural to make the founders rich, but to have a GDP level impact on European economies. Broader community ownership leads to more meritocratic systems, where wealth is distributed more broadly in society based on a much wider mix of actual contributions, not just original capital put in (which not everyone can afford). This means we need to find or develop a mechanism to start distributing and tracking our future gains (“carry tokenization”) in fluid and low-bureaucracy ways.

I have been actively involved in crypto and blockchain technology development (bitcoin 2013, ICO boom of new protocols in 2017, DeFi 2019, NFTs 2020…) and have a strong belief distributed, programmable equity can and should be successfully implemented on top of this stack.

Koos has a super aligned vision, have figured out a few clever regulatory hacks, and sports an amazingly strong team to make this actually happen.

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