Type: AI

Investor: Khaled Helioui


What is the mission?

Metaview is the AI assistant that helps teams eradicate admin and toil from their hiring process. The AI platform helps companies make business-critical hiring decisions better and faster by focusing on improving the most opaque part of the process: the interviews. 

Who are the founders?

It was founded in 2018 by former Palantir and Uber product and engineering managers, CEO Siadhal Magos and CTO Shahriar Tajbakhsh.

Why did Khaled get involved?

Hiring decisions are critical to the success of any business, but for decades this crucial step has been ignored or neglected by technology. This is one of the key differentiators of category-defining companies. Having seen first-hand the intensity of focus and the level of importance put on hiring early on at Uber made me realise it’s not by chance that you build teams with world-class operational cadence and execution. And yet, it’s hard to find solutions and tools that allow for better transparency and efficiency.

Siadhal and Shahriar honed their skills at Uber and Palantir, and they are uniquely positioned to change this dynamic. Metaview allows its customers to make recruitment decisions better, faster and more objectively by overhauling the interview note-taking process and introducing a single source of truth for hiring decisions. In doing so, it’s creating improved outcomes and contributing to more equitable workplaces by removing some of the pervasive biases that clog most hiring processes. This is the solution I would have loved to have had while at Bigpoint.

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