Type: Fintech

Investor: Khaled Helioui


What is the mission?

Tear down financial barriers to opportunity. Mos provides financial services that are tailored to students such as checking accounts, debit cards, peer-to-peer payments, access to financial aid advisors and the largest pool of scholarships in the U.S. 

Who are the founders?

Amira Yahyaoui’s life has been dedicated to giving a voice to the muzzled & fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Most notably in her home country of Tunisia where as a student she paid an unconscionable price for her vocal criticisms of the dictator Ben Ali, pursued her activism after being exiled and took an active part in the revolution that deposed the dictator before founding the only political watchdog in the Arabic World- Al Bawsala – that to this day monitors the local political activity to keep politicians accountable.

Why did Khaled get involved? 

Amira is uncommon among uncommon founders, from the moment I met her it was obvious she not only had groundbreaking potential but the kind of resolve & grit that can tilt the world in another direction. Opportunity gap reduction has been one of my guiding focuses as an investor, having been personally confronted with the gaping inequalities of education when I moved to France at 5 years old and being put in a class for challenged children with my brother as we were coming from Tunisia – I had not choice but to get involved and do everything I can to help her make her vision come true. 

I had been investing in education and financial inclusion for years and I know I could support her in thinking through the business models and operational frameworks needed to make her vision not only impactful locally but scalable.

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