Type: Web3

Investor: Sten Tamkivi


What is the mission?

NFTPort enables developers to make the Internet ownable by citizens, through decentralized NFT infrastructure. 

NFTPort abstracts all the complexity of indexing, minting, searching, analysing NFTs into a unified API, to allow any NFT application layer developer to go to market faster, and not worry about re-building this infrastructure from scratch.

Eventually we dream of a broad use protocol for immutable and non-fungible data storage and organization. If in web2 world, customer’s data lives in Facebook and Amazon AWS and Microsoft cloud, etc (total market cap $4 trillion plus), in web3 the parallel to those would be decentralized protocols where users own their data directly. This “data stack” on web3 (NFTs, Filecoin, etc) is just 1% with $49B today.

Who are the founders?

Johannes Tammekänd and Kaspar Peterson. Before NFTPort, Johannes made an exit with Payload-Security to CrowdStrike and founded two AI-based startups. His blockchain experience dates back to 2014 while researching the security model of Tor and Bitcoin in NATO. Kaspar has been a technical co-founder alongside Johannes for already three startups. At our investment NFTPort invited a few late co-founders: Rain Johanson who previously held senior engineering roles at Skype, Microsoft, Wise, and is ex CTO of Bolt; Taivo Pungas, a former AI and data infrastructure lead at Veriff and Sten Tamkivi of Plural.

Why did Sten get involved?

I have been active in the crypto scene since 2013, decentralized finance from 2019 and NFTs since 2020. Out of these waves, the NFT market has definitely caught the public imagination, and non-technical user imagination the most, and at an unprecedented speed. No-one (including me) knows how exactly the application space plays out between early art, community and other experiments – so betting on the “picks and shovels” infrastructure seems like the perfect way to get involved.

I am also personally motivated by the prospect of building NFTPort into one of the first Web3 powerhouses from Europe, and especially from Estonia.

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