Sano Genetics

Type: Healthcare

Investor: Carina Namih


What is the mission? 

Sano’s AI-powered software is driving the precision medicine revolution. They have built the first seamless platform that connects every stage from precision trial design, patient finding, biomarker screening and engagement to data science. Precision medicine studies are still so complex, time-consuming and costly, that many potentially life-changing treatments never see daylight. Sano simplifies the whole process with their AI-powered approach. 

Who are the founders? 

It was founded by Patrick Short (CEO), Charlotte Guzzo (COO) and William Jones (CTO).

Why did Carina get involved?

I have seen first hand that there is a Sano-shaped hole in the industry. With the rapid rise of precision medicine, there is now a huge opportunity for AI-powered software to transform how we run clinical trials. 

Last year, over a third of new drug approvals went to precision medicines. These are significantly more successful than conventional medicines, both scientifically and commercially. The shift to precision medicine has come so suddenly that existing tools and services are not fit for purpose. 

Running a clinical trial is already a hugely complex logistical feat – involving hundreds of people across continents. But running a precision medicine trial is even more complex – involving an extra layer of data gathering, analysis and stratification. 

Sano is the only software platform tailored to running precision medicine clinical trials, leveraging AI to manage all aspects from design to patient recruitment, testing and engagement. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to back this extraordinarily talented founding trio again on their mission to get new precision treatments to patients faster.

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