Type: AI

Investor: Taavet Hinrikus

Website: www.teton.ai

What is the mission?

We are living in a world where the population grows older and needs more care. However, there are not enough people to fill all the nursing jobs at hospitals and care homes. Teton is building an AI companion for nurses to give them superpowers. This allows nurses to spend their time where it matters most increasing their job satisfaction and improving healthcare outcomes.

Who are the founders?

Teton is founded by the duo of Mikkel Wad Thorsen and Esben Klint Thorius. Mikkel first studied law and then continues with engineering, these two degrees give him a unique perspective to go after a complex area like healthcare. Esben is an engineer who gets excited to build working solutions to problems. What caught Taavet’s eye was the fact that the founders and team were incredibly customer focused – many dozens of nights spent in a hospital ward observing the real circumstances and optimising the product.

Why did Taavet get involved?

Healthcare has still benefited relatively little from the technology revolution, and growing demand from an ageing population and shortage of supply of trained staff are the two big issues creating challenges in healthcare systems around the world. Teton offers a simple yet practical solution to a huge problem, and the solution will be both cheaper and better – a classic 10x win. As someone with ageing parents, I’m also feeling a personal connection with Teton’s mission.

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