Type: AI

Investor: Ian Hogarth

Website: www.unitary.ai

What is the mission?

As large online platforms have scaled, harmful content has tragically proliferated. Unitary applies cutting-edge machine learning to detect and classify harmful content in live video. They aim to deliver a web-scale solution to internet safety.

Who are the founders?

Sasha Haco (CEO) did her PhD with Stephen Hawking on the black hole information paradox. James Thewlis (CTO) has a PhD from Oxford’s Visual Geometry Group where he developed methods for visual understanding with less manual annotation. During his PhD he worked with Facebook AI Research and has published at top international conferences such as NeurIPS, ICCV and CVPR,

Why did Ian get involved?

Sasha and James are a very unique pair of founders with deeply complementary skill sets. I supported Sasha through her first major customer deal and came to see what a true force of nature she is. James’ background spans computer vision and Reddit moderation and he has thought very deeply about how machine learning can help online platforms scale more safely. I have been motivated to find a way to reduce harms towards children for a long time and am proud to support Sasha and James’ endeavour to tackle such a challenging and critical issue.

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