We are looking for missions that bring us alive – those that are so motivating we’d have considered joining full-time. We aren’t going to be a detached financier – we’ll only invest when your mission matters to one of us personally and we are compelled to do everything in our power to further your mission.

Deep time

We will each take on a tiny number of projects each year – 2-3 typically. For each company we partner with, we are able to spend up to a day a week if you need it. You can rely on us to be close enough to deeply understand what is happening with your business and proactively support you vs just turn up to board meetings. For each startup we back we draw up an SLA so we can hold ourselves accountable to being the best possible partner to you.

As a group we have worked with over 10% of the European start-ups valued at over $1b.

Ellie Horoz

Founder help

I have joined the Plural team as Executive Assistant to the London-based Unemployables. With over 7 years’ experience under my belt supporting a founder in my previous role, I know how important it is for me to ensure the team is organised as efficiently as possible, in order to maximise their time and headspace, and in turn their ability to support Plural’s portfolio companies and their founders.

What sparks joy

Working with brilliant people within Plural and our portfolio who not only have brilliant minds, but are using that to make a positive impact on the world.

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