We’re looking for consequential missions that bring us to life – those that are so compelling we’d have considered joining full-time. We’ll only invest when your mission matters to one of us personally and we’re motivated to do everything in our power to further your mission.

Deep time

We will each take on a tiny number of projects each year – 2-3 typically – and we’ll work with you to determine how much time we should spend together. You can rely on us to be close enough to deeply understand what is happening with your business and proactively support you vs just turn up to board meetings. For each startup we back we draw up an SLA so we can hold ourselves accountable to being the best possible partner to you.

As a group we have worked with over 10% of the European start-ups valued at over $1B.

Victoria Kennard

Founder help

I’m here to strive to make sure everything at Plural works as seamlessly as possible behind the scenes, making sure you get whatever you need when you need it! I’m a fund lawyer by background with broad ops experience across every aspect of VC from investments and portfolio management, fund structuring, fundraising and LP admission, investor relations, finance, strategy, people, venture education,  legal and compliance and community but founders are always at the heart of everything I do. Prior to joining Plural I led the Strategic Ops team at 500 Global, working to support their 5,000 founders across 81 countries.

What sparks joy

I’m motivated every day by the potential for incredible founders to address some of the biggest challenges faced by humanity and am humbled to be able to help support that journey in whatever small way I can contribute. In particular, I’m really passionate about femtech and its potential to help solve some of the biggest womxn’s health issues which have woefully neglected and underserved by society to date. I’m excited to see and support more empowered womxn founders innovate, design and create solutions which directly address the physical and emotional challenges that they face on a daily basis.

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